Warranty conditions you must follow:

  • Warranty service means repairing the item during the warranty period applicable to it.
  • The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale of the item.
  • Warranty service is provided by authorized service centers. Through the warranty card issued by our store, you will find the addresses and contact information on the warranty card.
  • The warranty applies to equipment damage caused by a technical defect.
  • To receive warranty service, please present the warranty card at the service center, together with the proof of payment and the manufacturer's warranty card (if any).
  • The warranty device must be presented by the customer in full packaging, complete and without mechanical damage.
  • The warranty card must include: item name, serial or email code, buyer name, date of purchase, name of the responsible employee and signature. Otherwise warranty service will not be provided.
  • To get information about receiving warranty service, the client must contact our operator in advance.

Our warranty service envisages replacement or repair of the item within the stipulated time.

Warranty service will not be provided if:

  • The product warranty period has expired.
  • No warranty card is presented and / or, if available, no manufacturer's warranty card.
  • The data in the warranty card has been deleted or restored.
  • The warranty card and the body of the device do not read or have a serial number, image code or registration number.
  • The purchased product has a visual or mechanical damage / defect, the seal or seal is damaged or damaged.
  • The device was used for purposes unsuitable for its intended purpose.
  • The storage and consumption rules attached to the device by the manufacturer are violated.
  • The damage was caused by a computer virus or inappropriate file (s).
  • Damage is caused by power outage (voltage change is more or less than 220-230 volts), damping of the mechanism, corrosion, exposure to high or low temperatures, violation of operating and storage rules / conditions, as a result of unqualified repair / installation work carried out by an incompetent person.
  • If the injury is physically caused, such as broken, cracked, scratched, crushed, burned, melted and / or damaged by fluid.
  • If the customer has not followed the rules of operation of the product (see the rules of operation in the attached documentation of the product or on the manufacturer's website).

Warranty terms do not apply to:

  • On headphones, USB cables and components for smartphones and mobile phones.
  • Any damage to the software or operating system.
  • Power supply, item, memory card, cable, device charging accessories.
  • If the device is damaged by an amount of up to five pixels on the screen.
  • Equipment on which installation or warranty work has not been performed by an authorized service center specialist.

Additional information:

  • The company is not responsible for the unstable operation of the hardware when using the attached system of smartphones and computer programs.
  • Transportation of damaged equipment to the service center is carried out by the buyer on his own.
  • According to the warranty conditions, the service center is obliged to repair the damaged equipment within 45 working days from the moment of its receipt.
  • The Service Center is not responsible for storing customer information on the device.

The item can be changed only in the following cases:

  • If the product is purchased by installment or debit / credit card, the order is not subject to cancellation. It is possible to exchange the item only in case of detection of production defect.
  • Upon receipt of the item, the customer must check its visual condition in the presence of the courier.
  • In case of any type of problem or visual defect, the customer should contact our operator before the courier runs and explain the problem in detail.
  • If we are contacted with a product exchange request after the courier has been launched, then the customer is responsible for returning the exchange product to our warehouse and related costs.
  • If a purchased defect is found within 5 (five) calendar days after the sale of the purchased item, the buyer must contact our operator for additional instructions. The item will be changed according to the rules set by the supplier companyTherefore.
  • The item is exchanged for an item of the same or more value, with the user repaying the difference with his own funds.
  • When returning the item, the buyer must attach all its accessories as well as proof of purchase.
  • If you have any other questions, please contact our operator.